Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to Essentials Online Course Blogging Community

Welcome to the Intel(R) Teach Essentials Online Course Blog. On our homepage you will find prompts for discussion from your facilitator in which all participants will respond.During this course, your blog is mainly used as a personal space to add your reflections on the educational ideas presented and also to engage in online conversations with colleagues. As we experiment with this space, think about the potential for collaboration and learning in the classroom.Happy blogging!

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  1. Hello sir,
    THis is sanjaykumar solanki from kendriya vidyalaya, pangode, trivandrum.

    Now a days I am a part of member taking proper guidanc related to intel teach essentials online course.

    This course is so nice and we are getting necessry guidance.

    This course will be so usfol to me in future when I will think about the understanding level of my students.

    I like computer, and using my inteest an technology wite teaching will give me high amount of energy for teaching.


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